Collaboration and Coordination Solution:
Software for High-Performance Teamwork

If you're an executive or manager
working with a team or group of direct reports, you face the daily challenge of maintaining focus, setting priorities and ensuring follow-through. 

It gets worse!  Using disconnected information management tools, meetings become more time consuming, and putting out fires becomes an increasingly daily routine. 


PST provides a solution that pulls your team or work group together via a common set of goals, projects and priorities.  A software solution that gives you outstanding visibility up, down and across the team on what's expected and what's been accomplished to-date.  As a manager of a team, your ongoing success depends on being informed and organized.  You have to be able to respond quickly and track other people's follow.    PST's team solutions are available in either a Windows desk-top based program (ManagePro) or in a browser-based solution (MProWeb).  Using the same core displays, both programs provide the following key resources to make you more efficient and effective: 1.
  1. A comprehensive management tool that provides focus and alignment through a cascading view of goals and objectives that stretches from the strategic plan to day-to-day tasks.
  2. Visibility through one central software system that helps you plan, track and organize the information you need to get the best out of others.  All the e-mail, the updates, the reports, the phone calls and documents about your project goals, people and action items.
  3. Accountability through Balance Scorecards, a color-coded dashboard or "heads-up" display and one-click access to progress updates and status reports.
  4. One program to drive coordination and efficiency for distributed teams via the use of web-enabled ManagePro team (using its interface with MPro-Link) and/or MProWeb, putting critical business information at your fingertips, whether you are in the office or on the road (web).


Three steps are needed to add up to a successful team installation:

  1. Configuration: This step involves organizing your existing processes, roles and goals into the ManagePro database system to ensure an accurate workspace for a successful launch.  The goal is to pull the group's various roles and goals into the ManagePro/MProWeb system to make the software immediately user friendly and functional day one - and at the same time customize the database to take advantage of the software's extensive feature set.
  2. Training services:  Whether conducted in person or over the web, individualized coaching builds confidence and increases the value of using the software.
  3. Software: One license of the  Management-Team edition is required for the leader of each team to create a team database, and utilize the performance management and annual review features.  Direct reports can work with the Solo edition on each of their desktops.  As an alternative, managers and their direct reports can use a combination of MProWeb licenses as depicted in the three graphics below.



    * Take a look at the following screenshots to see how these three items are addressed in both programs.








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