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Creating a well functioning performance management system that drives the organization strategically is a very rewarding, but challenging objective. 

Management wants some type of performance management system that ties into strategy, whether it comes in the form of scorecard metrics, Balanced Scorecards, business performance indicators or a complete performance management system.  But, 99% over-estimate their ability and continued interest to accomplish this goal, and under-estimate the level of obstacles they will encounter.
  • The problem is that while being goal centered, or strategic and performance minded sounds very good; it actually represents a very different way of working for people in most organizations (research suggests it will be a change for as much as 96% of the staff). 
  • There exists a huge gap between strategic planning and execution, and between setting up performance management systems and having them drive work behavior.  That gap exists because of enduring processes that are  not strategic or performance based, and because on a personal level, most people manage their work effort based upon job roles, tasks, and attentiveness to the next request/crisis - not what's in the strategic plan.
  • Given that current work habits for most are not naturally attuned and aligned with strategy, or naturally goal and outcome focused, they represent habits that need to change, otherwise they stand in direct conflict with performance management.
  • The gap between an organization's current work style and the goal of managing performance in an effective, strategic manner is a change challenge for all involved; large enough that the leadership and process components become more significant in effort and cost than the software technology.

             Larry Kittelberger, CIO of Honeywell ,said,
                    It’s almost never the technology that’s hard to change – it’s the people... Only a quarter of the cost is in the actual tie-in of the technology.

An increasing number of executives and managers realize the need to link strategic planning with the ability to execute, and search for a technology to assist in the process.   Performance management systems/software is the bridge across the strategic planning - execution gap.
The key to bridging this gap with technology, is the ability to cascade down from top level planning, dashboard and score-card features, into day-to-day operations and processes.  Whether searching for a strategic planning and management tool, or a business performance management solution, ultimately the software needs to extend drill-down and coordination capabilities all the way to the individual worker's daily prioritization of tasks and time.

PST's products provide a basis for marrying strategic and performance management.   Incorporating the best of visibility and alignment around strategic goals and initiatives, as well as corporate and individual performance metrics.

As strong as the technology is, PST brings an equally capable process for crossing the gap between strategic planning and execution - for journeying to the performance management destination.  And it is a journey along which we have guided many leaders and organizations.  We provide the technology tools, the coaching, and the experience of "having been there, done that" with organizations all over the world wishing to build an integrated strategic and performance management process.  We essentially provide a guide service to those leaders and organizations intending to scale new performance levels.  We know:
  • What leadership skills are essential to practice, and which choices are equivalent to walking off a cliff.
  • We know where the resistance is going to come from, what form it will take and how it needs to be addressed.
  • We know how to set up a performance management tool such that it helps the organization achieve its goal, not get in the way of it.
  • Finally we know where the battle is fought and won in the minds, in the habits and ultimately in the results of people in your organization.

The most impactful installations provide a management operating system that bridges from the strategic to the operational, tracking all top level objectives and the supporting projects and tasks underneath them.  If you are wondering what PST's management solution might look like within the organization in which you work, imagine being able to record an immediate "Yes" to the following questions.

PST Bares the Truth

Straight talk to managers shopping for performance management software -  the myths and the reality.


*     What most managers are secretly wondering and wishing...

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Strategic Performance Management Checklist
 Yes, Partially, No
1. Are the top strategic initiatives embodying the plan, values and assumption for growing the company clearly in one place and easily tracked with updated metrics?
2. Are the key action steps (plan) or milestones for each initiative easily identifiable and tracked?
3. Do all top level initiatives and projects receive weekly progress updates for immediate drill down and expedition of review in staff meetings?
4. Can each person see the context for the projects and tasks they are working on, such that the connection to top level objectives and the strategic plan is visible?
5. Is there a single source for viewing or working with key projects and their relative progress across departments and across individuals?
6. Is there a tool in place to track target goals vs. results in a color coded format across goals, objectives and projects?  E.g. An easy-to-use "Management by exception" tool?  Can that tool be viewed in an outline, or Gantt chart, or work-flow model to suit each user?
7. Is there a tool for connecting all documents, e-mail and action items or to-dos to their related project or task for immediate review of past history and correspondence?
8. Finally, is there a tool in place that with a single mouse click converts goal and project results into an annual review format for the person's assigned to that task?

 Desktop or Browser based software:

Strategic performance management systems are built upon PST's web-enabled technology,
using either a combination of desktop and browser based software or only browser based as displayed below.


 Desktop and Browser solution                                                                                                    Browser only solution


Both programs offer scorecard systems at both the corporate and individual level. 



Next Steps:


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