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Performance Solutions Technology, LLC® Releases ManagePro version 5.0

Integrated Project & Performance Software -- The All-in-One Management Tool


Seal Beach, CA -- December 3, 2001 -- Performance Solutions Technology (PST) announced the latest version (v5.0) of its flagship product, ManagePro. ManagePro is the management tool that PC Magazine called "project management for the rest of us" and about which Infoworld said, "what may be the most productivity-enhancing software ever developed for a computer."


The latest release of ManagePro has redesigned its User Interface and report generation core, while including new features that expand its capability to change the way management and teams plan, coordinate, and deliver results. These features build:

MPro-Link 5.0 is Performance Solutions Technology's newly released web server resident middle-ware. Using Windows 2000 with IIS 5.0 Server and MS Project 2000, MPro-Link connects distributed team members via the HTTP Internet Protocol to a centralized database on the server. Synchronization capabilities with Outlook and Palm Pilot have been upgraded, and new critical path, performance measurement and meeting management has been added. All of these features combine to make managing a more efficient, coordinated and personal endeavor.


Rodney Brim, CEO, Performance Solutions Technology, states, "We're very excited about this version of ManagePro. We've added functionality and breadth to a program that we use to manage our business, a program that can virtually change the way people work. ManagePro coordinates the people, tasks, budgets and timelines of an initiative or project so that everyone involved is always on the same page. The new version is distinctly more intuitively and user friendly, which makes it easy for everyone to use."


ManagePro 5.0 Solo Edition is priced at $275, Management-Team Edition at $475, and MPro-Link at $1,500. Contact Patti Brim at 562-430-7096 or for more information or to order.


About Performance Solutions Technology, LLC

PST is an organization committed to providing management software solutions that integrate task, project, knowledge and people management features into improved performance through the use of goals, action plans and feedback. Products and services that organize day-to-day managerial operations in a coordinated, intuitive, highly visible format. PST's software keeps mission-critical information organized and at managers’ and team members’ fingertips – at their desks, across the Internet, and in their Palms™. For more information about Performance Solutions Technology, LLC and its products, call the company's headquarters at 562-430-7096 or visit them on the Web at