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Outlook Synchronization


Prerequisite to use MProWeb to Outlook Synchronization
Important Security Setting
Syncing Goals
Outlook Sync Config
Syncing to Outlook

MProWeb has the ability to synchronize your Goals, Events, and To dos to Microsoft Outlook and your Tasks and Events from Outlook into MProWeb.

Prerequisite to use MProWeb to Outlook Synchronization:

• Internet Explorer 5.x or higher
• Outlook XP/2003

Important Security Setting:
MProWeb to Outlook Synchronization requires you to set your Internet Settings to allow the MProWeb web site to communicate with Microsoft Outlook. To prevent a security vulnerability in Internet Explorer you must configure your Security settings to allow only MProWeb access to this function!

Step 1:

A. Within Internet Explorer select Tools, Internet Options from your tool bar

Step 2:

A. Select the Security tab
B. Click Trusted Sites
C. Click the Sites button

Step 3:

A. In the Trusted sites window type the secure web site address for MProWeb.


B. And click the Add button to add the address to your web site list
C. Click Close
D. Click OK to the Internet Options window

Syncing Goals:
Because Microsoft Outlook is not designed to manage goals, when you synchronize your goals from MProWeb to Microsoft Outlook, they must be entered as Tasks. Create a Task folder in Microsoft Outlook to allow MProWeb to synchronize your goals. Your goals will be stored in a task folder named Goals. See Step 1 to create the task folder.

Step 1:

A. Open Microsoft Outlook
B. Create a new folder at the root of your outlook folders
C. Select Task Items from the Folder contains drop down menu
D. Name the new folder ‘Goals’

Outlook Sync Config:


A. To get to the Outlook Sync tab you must first click on the main My To Dos/Events tab at the top of the screen.

B. To access the Outlook Sync Config window click the Config link at the bottom of the Sync Results field of the Outlook Sync tab.
C. This will allow you to configure which objects are synced and how MProWeb will resolve conflicts during the synchronization process.
D. Put a check mark next to the object types you would like MProWeb to synchronize.
E. Next to the object types check the box if you would like MProWeb to Win in a conflict with Outlook.

Syncing to Outlook:

A. Click Back to Sync on the Outlook Sync Config: screen to return to the Outlook Sync window.
B. In the Outlook Sync window click the Sync button to start synchronization.
B. Click Yes to the ActiveX Control warning

C. Check the Allow access for box and click Yes

D. Click OK to the synchronization complete window

E. Review the results of your sync in the Sync Results field

F.  A recurring event in Outlook that never ends will show up initially in ManagePro 12 times, and then as time goes on, every time you sync, new records will be created if necessary, always 12 records into the future. It does not delete the items that have passed. Items in Outlook that have a specific ending date will have all entries synced over to MPRO even if there are more than 12.  If you are syncing over Recurring events from Outlook that were created in the past the first time you sync them over it will show the first 12 instances even though they occur in the past.  Just sync again and they will all be updated to show dates in the future.