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Syncing to Outlook or Palm
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Jdoshion 20May2004 at 4:56am - IP Logged
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I am considering purchase of your software and have downloaded the trial. Iam currently using Outlook 2002 as my email and task management software and am facing problems with syncronisation.

When I first tried to sync, I had an error message, which I did not record, but what I can remember is that it asked me to hit "N" to continue or "C" to cancel and debug. I chose the continue option.The sync seemed to work thereafter.

However, when I try to sync later, the items in ManagePro (goals, to dos, calendar events) are not updated in Outlook. I have created a Task Item folder in Outlook called Goals as required. On the other hand, the Calendar items in Outlook can be seen in ManagePro. Task Items in Outlook cannot be seen in ManagePro.
As I am use Outlook extensively to manage day-to-day tasks and appointments, this feature is important to me in the overall functionality requirements for Managepro.
Please asssist.

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adminon 20May2004 at 10:22am - IP Logged
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"We've improved the synchronization to Outlook, however, note that we have stopped supporting recurring events. There were too many problems in supporting syncing Outlook's recurring events given the quirky way Outlook allows multiple ID's for one event. It was continuing to cause crashes and/or duplicate events for too many of our customers. Now, only the original recurring event comes over on the sync. However, if you create recurring events in ManagePro (checkpoints), they will all sync over to Outlook successfully."


This issue comesappears when an outlook user utilizes recurring events within Outlook.

As a workaround, you can either remove recurring events from Outlook andthen perform a synchronizationor press "N" to continue repeatedly until the first synchronization has completed. Once a first sync has completed. The debug window will not display the error again and things will work correctly.

Please note from our May 2004 Newsleter

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