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ManagePro August 2004 Newsletter
eNews Letter August 2004

?1. Be sure to upgrade to version 6.5

?2. Setting up Usage Style in 6.5

3. Tips for using 6.5 and avoiding "gottcha's"

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1.? Be sure to upgrade to version 6.5 - Quick list of What's New!

We've just released version 6.5.? Here's a short list of the key new features.?

Calculated Fields? ManagePro now makes available seven (7) calculated variance fields, allowing you to build very powerful calculated display columns.? Each of these columns includes the ability to add a red/green/yellow scorecard globe.? View them in goal planners and the goal status scorecard windows.

Usage Style -in 6.5 the database owner (dbo) sets the usage style parameters for each user through the File/Preferences/Usage style.? We will cover how to to this below, as you will need to set up the windows to ensure each user has the right tools with version 6.5.? Benefits; you can make the buttons on the left as simple (for new users) or comprehensive (for advanced users) as you wish.? Want to add a new feature, just add access to the window that covers that area.

Duration - in 6.5 durations for all goal/action step/task records are calculated by the hour.? This affords much more precise project management tools.? It also allows you to build a template of linked goals with just the duration, and then "kick it off" by entering the start date on the top line item and ManagePro will automatically calculate all the start and due dates for downstream linked goals.

Right Click Options - There are several new features you should know about.
1. The Goal Type and Target/Results/Score Config options are global based upon the goals currently highlighted.? That means you can select a range of goals you want to designate as tasks, and then do so with one click using the Goal Type/Task selection.

2. Under the MPro-Link option you will find:
Remove record(s) from this database - which allows you to remove goals from a database that have been sent over via synchronization but are not judged to be pertinent to the database in use (for use in multiple database organizations).
MProWeb - Corporate Performance - This flags the highlighted goal in ManagePro for inclusion in MProWeb users corporate performance scorecard.
MProWeb - set Author
- this allows you to create a goal, then sync it out to assigned users using MProWeb but change the authorship to them, to allow them full edit and configuration capabilities.
Field History ?- clicking this option provides a history of up to the last ten updates to which ever field highlighted (best to do from the goal details views).? This is only available for MPro-Link users.

Context View - is now added to the Assistant to make the goal defined tabbed views easier to interpret.

Copy and Paste?- You can copy and paste records viewed in one of the goal planners directly out of ManagePro into Excel, including Excel templates with formulas and saved graphing instructions.? This now includes all calculated fields, which were formerly only available for reports by copying and pasting via bit-map.

Goal Ordering - MPro-Link now supports sibling goal ordering, successfully tracking the order of downstream goals across multiple users and multiple databases more than 95% of the time.

Management Status - ManagePro now enables selective access manager to view and use the Management Status view for their direct reports.



2. Setting up Usage Style in 6.5
ManagePro 6.7 now has the capability for ManagePro?Database owners (dbo)?to selectively choose which?quick launch icons (left side of ManagePro desktop - Top Goals & Action Plans, Timeline & Resources, Assistant, etc.)?are available for each user to use. However, please note that usage style is set up by the dbo.? In most team databases the dbo will need to configure the usage style for each user.
While logged in as the ManagePro DBO, please check reconfirm the?usages style and access settings for each user by doing the following:
1. Usage style can only give access to windows that are first authorized in the People/Meeting access settings. Logged in as the dbo, first select the People/Meetings planner, then highlight the user for whom you wish to configure their access and usage.? Go to the details, and then select Access.

2. In the access page, make sure you have enabled People Planner Access, and then in the field below selected those individuals you wish this person to have access to, if you wish to enable their usage to view the People/Meeting button, the Management status button or group todos.? In a similar fashion you mush enable the Global Calendar Access option and then select the people to be viewed, to be able to check the group calendar views.?? Eg. if you want to give someone access to view their direct reports' goals, you would need to enable that in the Access settings, and then? switch to the Usage Style and check the box to enable People/Team planner for them when they login.

Here's a brief review of how the Usage Style window looks and works.

Usage Style check box

Lets you select the level of interaction you want each individual to have with ManagePro, which determines the number of program features that are available to them... or yourself.

The dialog box's Usage Style window allows the dbo to select the usage style for each individual logging into the database.

When operating with a selective access database, be sure to confirm that the user's People/Meeting Planner/Access settings support the left column buttons enabled.? Example, if you do not authorize viewing of to dos by an individual in their login access settings, checking the box to view My To Dos in the Usage style will not function correctly.

Open the Usage Style dialog box by selecting the Usage Style command on the File/Preferences menu.




3. Tips for using 6.5 and avoiding "gottcha's"

1. Be sure the dbo sets up the usage style needed for the windows you use in the left column.
2. In order for the group calendar to display, you must also have the my calendar window open.
3. Installing 6.5 may create an additional ManagePro icon on your desktop.? You can safely remove the old icon.
4. Sometimes the calendar query is incomplete in 6.5, uncheck and then recheck either the goals, to-dos, or event boxes and the query will refresh a complete display in your calendar views.

For more information on new features:

  • Check out the "What's New" Link on the ManagePro background page

  • Download the condensed 6.5 manual at http://www.managepro.com/MProdocs/ManageProBasicTrainingGuide65.pdf


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Have a great August.

Rodney Brim,
CEO, Performance Solutions Technology, LLC