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What would it be like to have a management software system that
provided one place to view and track all of your key information?

The challenge our customers face is to deliver superior outcomes & results, and to do so by coordinating people's work effort using process, priority and information management.  The problem encountered on the way to generating daily results is captured in user statements such as:

  • “I'm frustrated with how difficult it is to keep visibility on progress from day-to-day; where it takes either a meeting, a time consuming report, or endless e-mails to get a status update…”
  • “Keep slipping behind with the pressure of managing too much information in too many places”
  • “Tired of details being missed, having to apologize, do it over, rework the numbers…”
  • “Feeling like everyone drifts into their next to-do, and you’re the only one planning and paying attention to what’s priority on a given day”

Unlike any other offering, PST’s multi-purpose management software combines strategic, project and performance management tools, plus daily task management features, into a single desktop or browser based solution for the delivery of results through people. 

PST’s award-winning software and implementation service bridges the gaps between organization, planning and execution.  Imagine having at your fingertips the information needed to respond to today’s business realities.  We make it "easier to generate better results," or as InfoWorld described it:

... “ManagePro may be the most productivity-enhancing software ever developed for a computer….
The single most important software package written for managers since the advent of the PC.”


Individual Solution                              Team Solution                                    Enterprise Solution

   PST provides what people in management are missing

That is, a better solution for identifying, tracking and responding to:

  • the top goals or projects for each business unit,
  • for each direct report, and
  • the ability to view the plan to reach those objectives,
  • the ability to a single click view what was assigned to each key employee and what they accomplished, and
  • the ability to capture feedback that comes from accessing regular progress updates and performance metrics...
  • all without having a meeting.   

PST delivers a software solution that meets that need, starting very simply by organizing and tracking the “What, Who, When and How are we doing?” questions.  Moving from personal organization to team and enterprise coordination and collaboration with its advanced features, it supports management in addressing the fundamental “both… ands” in the work place.  That is, our software targets the needs of people who have to address:

  • Both projects and people

  • Both strategic goals and day-to-day operations

  • Both planning and execution

  • Both business management and meeting management

PST’s portfolio of management software includes ManagePro, MProWeb, MPro-Link and Review Writer, all of which are developed with the objective of:

  • Organizing collaborative, coordinated work effort around goals and roles, and their supporting action plans, tasks, and results

  • Linking a) strategic goals, b) executing daily operations, and c) managing individual performance.

  • Simplifying user's multi-tasking work environment by providing a one-stop, single source information, project and performance management system for the fragmented and multi-tasking business environment.

  • High-visibility tracking, follow-through and focus, by putting the information that managers need to respond to today’s business realities at their fingertips.

Windows Magazine described it quite succinctly as they reviewed our flagship product;

     "If you use Windows and manage people, run…  and buy a copy of … ManagePro,
       you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.”

PST tools provide a better way to work, and that means an embedded change process to improved performance and measurable results.  Invariably, most of the organizations we work with around the world are task and urgency based, not goal, role and plan-based in how they approach and deliver their work product.  That continues to this day in-spite of numerous studies demonstrating that using goal setting, planning and execution improves performance.  Typical project management tools ask for an exhaustive lists of steps and tasks to build a solution based upon the assumption that a thorough checklist holds the most value for organizing work.  While appreciating that perspective, and using it, at PST we've designed software to allow executives and managers to focus on the bottom line first.  What do you want to happen or where do you want to go?  Then build a plan to get there, and work (track) the plan.

Our research suggests that most executives and managers use a collection of information management tools that emphasize meetings, recall (memory), email and to-do lists.  Tools (other than email) that have been around for at least 5,000 years.  Yes the tools most people use were in use back when the Egyptians built the pyramids.  As managers we still tend to use: 

  • Memory to get organized and retrieve information, and keep ourselves alerted as to what needs to happen.
  • Meetings and checking in, whether on the phone, in the hallway or in a conference room as a vehicle for getting status updates and uncovering areas that need attention.
  • Writing things down… in lists.  e.g. we may have switched from a yellow pad to a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, but essentially we're still copying what the Egyptians had available in their written language and parchment paper.
Bet you’re finding the process of finding the right software a time consuming challenge

Straight talk to managers shopping for project & performance management software - 7 key steps to selecting the right software.


*     Start with what you know, then...

*    Honor the 80-20 rule and ...

*    The software must solve the BIG 3

*     After the facts, you must resolve 2 fears

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As time and distance shrinks, and the amount of information to manage expands, these tools become less and less effective… with several results:

  • Fire-fighting goes up,
  • Meeting time requirements go up, and
  • Visibility on follow-through and results goes down,
  • Management feels increasingly and persistently behind.

As this process increasingly characterizes the work place, three common themes emerge:

1. Getting behind invites tyranny of the urgent.  Along with the feeling of being behind, often comes the allure of getting organized or caught up.  Have you ever noticed the people that get the most excited about this proposition move from one cure to the next without any one tool lasting very long, whether it’s a book, a seminar, a software tool, a personal calendar?

2. The challenge of keeping focused.  We lose our focus, on our goals and plans that is, and get caught up in a cloud of just getting the next thing done, stuff “off our desk,” our email responded too, etc.  We start focusing upon what’s next and/or what’s being required, not on the big picture or working more effectively.  We have the experience of working as fast as we can, but not getting the really important issues moved ahead.  The documenting and updating that’s key to a coordinated outcome, gets put off until “later” as work becomes less linear and more fragmented.  

3. One of the hidden losses in this process is good information flow and feedback up and down the organization.   People at the top get less and less real time information upon which to base decisions.  Almost all executives and business owners don’t have as much information as they need, to clearly link their daily operations to their goals or strategic plan.  Mid-level and front-line managers work with un-prioritized requests, vaguely formed objectives, and little follow-up unless it’s a crisis. All of which suggests we need new tools and a new way to work. 

     PST’s software provides a much more efficient and effective means of managing and ultimately of delivering results.  ManagePro & MProWeb, in particular, use four high performance coordination and collaboration fundamentals to boost individual, team and organizational performance:

  1. Transform work from a role and respond to the latest crisis, to a “Plan your work and Work the plan” discipline.  Everything at work is structured around a simple but powerful process and discipline of:
  • Identify and keep in focus the objectives of your Goals and Roles
  • Build and work a visible Action Plan to achieve those objectives
  • Regularly document Results.
  1. Leverage information, agility and effectiveness of people by using a
    “One input- multiple use output” documenting process.  Reuse information
    in the software for progress updates, to-dos, result tracking, reporting
    and performance reviews.
  1. All information is tracked and organized in a central management solution
    that is cross referenced against existing goals and action plans.   Details
    do not slip through the cracks, and meetings become both shorter and
    more efficient.


  1. Follow-up and follow-through are both improved using the visibility and drill-down capability of color coded scorecards on the execution of all objectives, results tracking, the presence of plans and checklists and their status.  All of it brings an immediate impact on accuracy of feedback from top to bottom while literally creating, “One Place where it all comes together!”

     PST software and the discipline to use it is a system of high performance management tools that is not for everyone.  We encourage you to explore our products and consulting services if our approach is a good fit.  From the perspective of what PST software provides, we conclude this section with the following questions: 

What would it be like if you had a management software system that”…

1. Provided you one place to view and track all of your key information?

2. You could easily review all of your projects, be alerted if they are behind and drill down into the details when necessary?

3. You could easily communicate and align the entire team/organization with your key goals and objectives?

4. You had one place for everyone to document their progress, follow-through, results and next steps.

5. You could pull in information from other database/systems to give you one overall look at all of the work in process by way of your selected metrics?

6. You could automate reports and reduce the time spent in preparation and review of ongoing status briefings.

7. You could manage your meetings using live data, and record all action items in the same system without having to retype.

8.  Make management of tasks and people easier, and you more effective in the process.


Next Steps:
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Customer Feedback
"...we searched long and hard to find the right product for our strategic consulting clients. Performance Solution Technology’s combination of ManagePro and MProWeb is that right product!  ...  having helped our customers to make millions based on tracking their plan’s results, milestones and goals, all in “real time”.
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