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ManagePro January 2004 Newsletter
eNews Letter January 2004

 1. Where in the world is the release of ManagePro 6.0?

 2. Look what you can do with the new Scorecard.

 3. PST's Deployment Service - the solution for getting people on board

Download a review with screen shots of the
"Top 10 new Features in ManagePro 6.0"

1. Where in the world is the release of ManagePro 6.0?

ManagePro 6.0

We started planning for a release target date of last September, then we were sure we would have it out by the 2nd half of December.  And now here it is the 5th, and it's looking like the 15th is the closest date we have a good chance of hitting.

Why the delays?  Believe us, we hate them worse than you do.  Partly it involved introducing the brand new browser version of ManagePro, MProWeb, during the same time period.  Partly it is due to the size and complexity of the ManagePro code.  The more we add new robust features (and we have a number of them in this release), the more challenges it creates to not interfere with "old code." 

But the biggest reason has been our desire to add new features that extend from or are bundled with resource allocation.  We not only wanted to release an easy to use, but powerful resource allocation set of tools, but we decided to add a full compliment of tools that went along with it including:

  • The introduction of built-in timesheets at both a goal and individual level
  • The display of goals and tasks to which a user was allocated, and the amount of time they were allocated, right there in their daily calendar view
  • A graphical display of allocation riding over the top of a timeline of activities assigned to each person
  • Plus, we've added scorecard features and trend tracking that are state of the art.

We've done all of this, built serious enterprise solutions, and made them available for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  We've also added two new multi-function fields as requested by our customers, one of which provides a "one to many" heavy duty pick list, where you can associate each line item with multiple selections from a pick list you create.

With all of the new features, there's no reason your entire team shouldn't be using the product to pick up and go with the market in 2004.  But check it out for yourself, click here and take a quick look at the review with screen shots of the Top 10 New Features in ManagePro 6.0.



    2. Look what you can do with the new Scorecard features in 6.0

Goals, measurement, tracking.  We would all probably agree that they are important, otherwise why would I be writing this newsletter and you reading it?  Goals without a measurement tracking system get weak real fast, sort of takes the "let's get serious and make something happen" right out of them.

But, how many of you have yet to set up your goals for 2004 in ManagePro's measurement tracking system?  We are betting more than 50%.  Be good to yourself, make it easier to be successful and don't put this off.  In fact ManagePro 6.0 makes you look good while accomplishing this task.  It gets even better, we can help you convert your goals into 6.0's compelling new graphical scorecard tracking system with a few hours from one of our consulting staff.  Let me show you a typical "before and after" example below:

Here's a screen shot of a typical top level goal planner.  Strategic goals are mixed with a combination of projects and sub-initiatives.  As this screen scrolls down to 80 or more line items under this view, it becomes difficult for anyone to easily identify how to track and measure the success of the strategic plan.  In fact, most of us mix the strategic plan up with day-to-day operations, making it difficult to clearly determine if the strategy (e.g. your assumptions about what it will take to drive growth and about where you should invest your resources)... is working.


At PST we suggest separating strategic goals from operations, creating in effect a scorecard at the top of the Group Goals planner.  In the Strategic Plan area we suggest you just list only those goals or initiatives upon which business growth, or your department's commitment to the overall strategic plan depend.   Notice below that you can now track results on each measure, with a color coded score to indicate how far you've moved from last year's base score toward the target, and finally even a trend indicator.


We can help you reorganize your top level goal planner and set up the scorecard to track both your strategic goals and your key operations projects in a few hours over the web.  If you are interested in taking advantage of PST's scorecard consulting services as you start the New Year, contact Patti at or and she'll get you set up with a consultant.


  3. PST's Deployment Service - the solution for getting people on board

What's the most common problem reported among management using ManagePro?

Quick.  What's your answer - _______________

It used to be individual executives and managers discomfort in mandating the use of the tool as part of working on the team... which resulted in frustrated complaints such as  "We can't get our people to use it."

It turns out that all of that is quite a solveable problem using our coaching and deployment services.  The biggest problem now is... getting our "missionary" users to call for help instead of retreating into a solitary use of a team/enterprise tool while everyone else uses a different tool of preference. 

We can help.  We certainly understand what it's like to be a missionary, to believe in a tool, a process, and not feel like the rest of the world is jumping on board.  Less than 4% of the world uses goals as a added value in life, whether at work or on a personal level.  In fact, next month we will be starting a "Missionary Corner" in the newsletter and interview one missionary each month.  We'll have lots of people to choose from.  Maybe it will be you.  Over 3,000 people subscribe to the newsletter and over 70,000 organizations and individuals have purchased ManagePro since its initial release in the early '90s. 

To keep you thinking about that user acceptance and the deployment process we usually send some tips each newsletter, and sure enough, we've got 3 of them to share with you below.  Keep it simple by emphasizing 3 steps: 1) Focus on the goal (or deliverable), 2) Work the plan (to get there), 3) Document your results (regularly).  

But remember, the biggest tip this month, is to team up with us to help you solve the "getting people on board" problem.

3 of 50 Tips from our coaching and deployment service:

1. Goals: Many people write goals that really just list their job functions, responsibilities, or events - as if they were writing the events within MS Project.  But Goals become compelling and a lot more attention getting if written as Desired Outcomes - if you think in terms of a Desired Outcome statement, you'll realize how powerful MPro's underlying goal-orientation can be.

Here's Goal a written as a "process" function: "Complete an IT Request".  Now compare it to these Got to Get It Done statements:

  • "Raise IT Time/Cost Efficiency Benchmark" or
  • "Raise IT Customer Satisfaction Index" or
  • "Achieve 100% IT Single-Iteration Completion" or
  • "Eliminate IT Rework". - Hey; go ahead - show off - take the goal they gave you - and crank it up.

2. "Lost" Progress Notes, etc: Ever have this happen to you?  You put in a progress note, but now you can't find it.  One cause is that you have the habit of leaving lots of windows open, and in a database environment that can create record conflicts at times.  Bottom line your keyed in data isn't able to be saved.  Here's one tip; make sure you close each progress update, to-do or event details or sub-window after keying in data using the appropriate [OK ] button or [Send or Attach] buttons.  If you don't close the window and instead open another view, ManagePro will shuffle the open record to the back but may not always be able to retain your data, since the input isn't saved to the database until you Click OK and save the record. - the sub-window stays open anticipating you may still be making changes - - (unlike the main Goal Planner window, where your entries are saved immediately).

Remember that ManagePro is linking all the related goals whenever you have made an entry - so, if you need to correct/re-edit the last, say, Progress Note, wait for that processing to complete.

3. I Can't Find Things: Ever find yourself scrolling through line after line trying to find a particular title?  There are two solutions to speed that up.  Here they are:

a. In any goal planner view you can use the [Find] button.  It's alphabet sensitive, so just start typing the title of the record you are looking for and it will find it for you.
b. You can also use the Edit pull down menu and then click on Search.  Here you can type in any key word and it will do a search of all records, progress updates, to-dos, etc, looking for records that contain that word.  As you view the search results, highlight the record that you were searching for and then click the [Go To] button to transfer to its location in a planner view. 



Be looking to hear from us around January 15th if you have the Annual Maintenance version of ManagePro.  You will receive an email notice plus notification when 6.0 releases.   For those of you who don't have version 5.1 with the Annual Maintenance contract, you will need to contact our office to upgrade your current license. 

Note:  Given all the changes in 6.0, it will require everyone in the organization to move to version 6.0 at the same time to avoid conflicts.  We will send detailed instructions for upgrading when we send the release announcement.

Rodney Brim,
CEO, Performance Solutions Technology, LLC