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ManagePro/MProWeb November 2004 Newsletter
eNews Letter November 2004

?1. ManagePro 6.7 ?released 11/17 - Tips for putting 3 new features to work for you today.

?2. Tips for IT in supporting & deploying ManagePro 6.7

3. Heads Up! What's new in ManagePro 6.7?

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1.? ManagePro 6.7 releases - Tips for putting 3 new features to work for you today.?

1. Reduce the time spent in meetings & make the tracking of action items much, much easier using the new Who button in the Assistant.

Take advantage of the power built into that little Who button to the Assistant for all managers with direct reports. Note if you don't see that button in your copy of ManagePro the dbo (database owner) needs to enable your access rights to "Allow People Planner Access" and identify those people and meetings you are given the right to view.? Once the dbo (database owner) has given you access to your direct reports, you'll find goals, to-dos and upcoming events for each of their direct reports and meetings listed under the drop down Who button display.?

If you aren't reviewing an entire project, the Assistant provides the basis for immediately improving every meeting you lead, whether with one individual or a group.? You will quickly profit from the focus and visibility that comes from the ability to look at what goals, action steps and tasks are due this week, what are the outstanding to-dos, upcoming events/appointments this week, as well as the progress on those records identified as priority one.? The ability to view this data and the supporting progress updates can reduce your meeting time by easily 40% or more, plus the ability to make sure you and your team are on the same page, aligned with what's priority and of value... in minutes, is huge!? Plus new tasks and to-dos are immediately captured (ex. use the Goal Details or the Quick Input pull-down menu)? Setting priorities and focus for each of your direct reports has never been this easy.

2.? Improve your focus and cut down the clutter using the new "Lead Person" option.

If you've been working with ManagePro very long, you'll quickly notice that you can use it to track a lot of detail; sometimes you realize it can be a staggering amount.? (Now you know why you never feel like you can get caught up.? As you look at all the goals, action steps and tasks that you are assigned to in one role or another, it can run into the hundreds of items and get over-whelming when trying to focus on the question of "What are the most valuable areas to focus on today?"? Here's a couple of suggestions for how to solve that problem.

2.1 First of all, using version 6.7, work your way through the My Goals planner and add an asterisk after those records in which you are the "lead" person.? Next, within the My Goals planner set a filter to view only those records for which you are the lead - using the filter condition below (and of course your initials).? This will immediately improve your focus as it differentiates what you are responsible for as the team lead, versus assigned to as a team member, supervisor, department head, advisor, etc for visibility purposes.

Note: In the Condition drop down list, there is also an option for "Lead equal to logged in Person".? Only use that to define the tabbed views in the Assistant. e.g. use the "Lead Person Equals" filter to apply to planner tabbed views, and the "Lead equal to logged in Person" when customizing any of the Assistant tabbed views!

2.2 Here's what to do narrow the focus even further.? You can add the additional filter of Field: Due Date; Condition: Within the next; Value: 7 or 30 days, to get a look at everything you are leading that is due within the next week or month respectively.? We suggest you also add a filter that removes any items that are already completed with the filter of Field: Status; Condition: Not equal; Value: Done.

If that filtered view is something that works for you, have your dbo configure a tab view that incorporates that filter setting so that focused display is always available under a tab setting.


3. Improve your effectiveness - start your day by planning and priority setting relative to value using the "Todays Planner" feature

How you start your day is critical to your overall efficiency, effectiveness and mood.? Most people start it opening Pandora's box, e.g. they start by responding to email, voicemail and checking their calendar to see where they need to be next.? This has merit, but it quickly puts you under the tyranny of the urgent.?

Here's some tips to get you started in the right direction as you begin each day:

  • Open up ManagePro before you open up any other program and take 10 minutes to review your goals and tasks, and given the day's demands, establish what's priority for today.? Get in the habit of using a priority setting of 1 to signify those items that need attention today or this week or this?quarter, and use the goal planner tab "Top Priority" to focus yourself and the efforts of your direct reports.

  • An even more flexible option, especially if you are using Priority 1 for other purposes, is to use the right click option of "Today's Calendar/Planner" to push those items you want to emphasize into and at the top of your My Calendar view.? Use this to create visibility for yourself on goals and tasks that aren't just related to deliverables, but also to prompt you to focus on leadership and management skills.? For example, you could create and flag a goal to mentor at least one person a day, check in with one of your top?customers each day, remember to provide recognition, etc.

  • Having established the "what's important today" foundation, then work through your email and phone mail, taking advantage of the Outlook email Drag and Drop and Quick Input functions to either document or convert into simple action items the information coming at you.



2. Tips for IT in supporting & deploying ManagePro 6.7

There a number of changes in the code that will effect deployment and support of existing and new ManagePro installations and upgrades in version 6.7.? Let's go over the main ones you will want to be aware of:

1. Dynamic Registry Change.? All of the "dynamic" registry information stored in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE has been moved to HKEY_CURRENT_USER.? That means that as long as users have read/write access to the ManagePro folder, upgrades to a new version release should go through without the IT involvement of logging in on each desktop as administrator.? Installation will still require administrator rights.

2.? Turn-off automatic notification to upgrade.? For those IT supporting a tightly locked down environment, where ManagePro upgrades are to be tested and verified by IT before users have access to them, you can now turn off the prompt to alert users to the presence of an upgrade.? To turn off this automatic prompt for each user, enter the line item CheckForUpdates=0 under [Desktop Configuration] in the mpro.ini file found in the ManagePro.? If your copy of the mpro.ini file doesn't contain that line, simply add it.? CheckForUpdates normally defaults to 1 (check for updates to ManagePro) if not present, setting it to 0 will disable update checking.

3.? We've upgraded the Multi-Pick List Editor Clean Option.? In the File/Preferences/Multi-Pick List Editor, the Clean option will remove blanks and other invalid entries from the pick-list, without touching the user created entries.? Run this option to clean up any existing databases that are using this field.? We've upgraded the code applying to this field significantly to avoid duplicates and/or blank entries being added in the future.

4. Outlook Sync only supported for Outlook 2002 and higher.? Given changes to the Outlook format, ManagePro is only supporting synchronization with MS Outlook 2002 and above, and only for Windows 2000 and above.? Earlier versions of Outlook and Windows? are? more prone to failure if there are high amounts of Events in Outlook to be synced, and generate an "HR-Check" error when the sync is unable to be completed.

5.? Personal vs. Global/Exchange folder.? 6.7 adds the ability to configure the Outlook Contacts tab contents from personal folder to a global (Exchange) folder.

6. Date Field Display - Users can configure their local copy of ManagePro to not display time along with the date in the date fields displayed in the planner views or in related reports.? To turn off or turn back on the display of time, check the File/Preferences/Hide Goal Times option.

7. Usage Style setting - Each user can now configure their own usage setting to include as many or few left column view buttons as their access settings allow.? This no longer needs to be defined by the dbo for each user.? Usage settings are defined in the File/Preferences/Usage Style option.

8. Pre-6.7 ManagePro databases? will automatically upgrade as? soon as a user opens them with version 6.7.? Note that? some customized field titles may return to their original name and need editing to replace the field title with the customized entry being used prior to the upgrade.

9.? An commas present in the initial's field are converted to periods to prevent inaccurate tracking of records within the database.

10. The Palm Synchronization feature needs to be reworked, and a new version will be available in Jan. '05.? We suggest you don't use at the present time, due to duplication of records.



3. Heads Up!? What's new in 6.7?

There's a number of new features you will want to take advantage of as soon as you install the new build.? Here's a brief list.? You will find more information and screen shots in the "New Features" link within ManagePro - to be updated by 11/17/04. (https://performancesolutionstech.com/mpro/updates/new_featuresAM.htm).


1. The Who button is now available for all managers with direct reports. Formerly that was only available to the database owner. Now all managers can use the Assistant view to easily address the goals, to-dos and upcoming events for each of their direct reports as well as a convenient tool for managing meetings.

2. Two tabs, Goals Due Soon and Overdue Goals, have been added as default tabs.? Note that they are filtered to only display those items for which the user is the "Lead Person".? Lead person status is designated by placing an Asterisk after the person's initials in the Who field.? This is to provide improved focus based upon differentiating "lead" responsibility versus co-assignment to a goal or task.

3. Access to the Progress button within the Goal details area is now available for all users.

4. The Context Window has been added to the Assistant pull-down menu to enable users to view the context or upstream goal chain for any goal, action step or task they are viewing in the Assistant.

5. The progress update and to-do icons have been activated in the Assistant tabs.? Now, clicking on the icon automatically launches the respective listing for that goal (ex. progress update journal).

6.? The Last Updated field has been modified to reflect progress updates exclusively.? Changes to other detail fields will not update this field, as most users are attempting to determine if progress updates have been posted against a goal or task when using this field.


7.? The Who field now tracks both the people assigned to the task, and the one or more people who are "Lead" on that goal, action step or task.? People are identified as the "Lead" person by adding an asterisk to their initials in the Who field.? In the Who popup box, people with a lead level of responsibility have a different icon (blue vs. green) to the left of their name.

8. When emailing records, the To: ManagePro tab now sorts the entries in alphabetical order and displays the names as well as initials for easier identification.

9. When emailing records, the To: Outlook tab can now be configured to point at either the user's personal contact list or a group/Exchange folder.

10. The % Complete field is now a roll-up field.? The % complete of parent records (records with sub-items) is now determined by the sum of the % complete times the weight assigned (default is 0) for each sub-item.? The % Complete field can be set to manually over-ride the roll-up by checking the appropriate box in the Goal/Rollups button view.? Note that a value of 0% complete now displays as a blank line, not 0%.

11. Usage Style, i.e. the inclusion of left column buttons (ex. Top Goals & Action Plans, Timeline & Resources, Goal Status Scorecard...) is configurable for each user based upon their needs and preferences, and the level of access that has been given to them (e.g. if "Allow People Planner Access" has not been enabled in a user's access settings, and no individuals have been identified as their direct reports, then they won't have the ability to display the People & Meetings button in the left column).

12. Hide Goal Times ?is now an option to check (activate) if users want to configure their local copy of ManagePro to not display time along with the date in the date fields displayed in the planner views or in related reports.? To turn off or turn back on the display of time, check the File/Preferences/Hide Goal Times option.

13. A new predefined calculated field, Weighted % Complete, has been added.? This displays the % Complete times the weight value for each sub-goal to make it easier to understand the relationship between the % complete of parent goals and the sub-record values.? We suggest you also add the weight field to the columns being displayed in this field if included in a tab view.

14. Checkpoints can now be edited within the calendar view, and even more important, assignment of the Who field can now be edited from within the Checkpoint Scheduler/Edit features.

15. Entry of new records in a filtered tab view When entering new records into a filtered planner view, the new entry automatically displays with the added requirements of that view.? E.g. if you add a new task into a planner view that is filtered to only display items with a priority of 1, your new record will be automatically updated to have a priority of 1 as well.? In the past, if you added a record from within a filtered view, it would often "disappear" from the view because it didn't match the currently filtered settings.? Bottom line - less frustration with users feeling like they entered a record and it got lost! This new feature applies to most of the filter settings available in ManagePro, including all of the pick-list, status, priority and user roll-down fields.


  • Calculated Fields scoring mechanism has been improved.

  • Goal Pop-up box has been improved and now defaults to Task, being the most common entry users insert.

  • The Extract for Mobile computing is now disabled if users are using MPro-Link web-enabled copy of ManagePro to avoid possible corruption of data.

  • The Sync-messaging box intermittent display has been corrected.

  • 8am is no longer applied as a default to to-dos and events entered without a time.

  • The synchronization to MS Outlook now has been improved with better error (corrupted records in Outlook) handling, as applied to Outlook 2002 and newer, and Windows 2000 and newer.

  • Resource allocation calculations have been improved.

Make sure you are looking for the announcement to upgrade!?

The release of MProWeb 3.0 is now expected the 2nd week of December.


Have a great Thanksgiving.

Rodney Brim, Ph.D.
CEO, Performance Solutions Technology, LLC