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Rodney Brim, Managing Partner
Rodney Brim, Managing Partner

Performance Solutions Technology, LLC (PST)  was formed in September 1998 by a group of experienced consultants and corporate leaders.  The company's mission - to change the way people work using a software system that embodies a "set Goals - work the Action Plan - document and respond to Results" process A software system based upon ManagePro, a software suite that PST's founders had determined was simply the best management software solution available.  ManagePro was initially developed in 1992 by Avantos Performance Systems, winning numerous awards within its first couple of years of being introduced into the market.

PST has continued to improve upon ManagePro and its employee appraisal companion, Review Writer, with an average of one major release per year.  Using a one input-multiple use format, PST's software leverages the value of information across all the functions of an executive-manager, whether it is managing people, projects, meetings, documents, knowledge or outside suppliers, vendors and partners.  Working through people to plan and achieve strategic and project goals,  PST's software tools create an easy link between strategic goals and daily operations, a software suite where for management it truly is "One place where it all comes together."  The development of MProWeb started in 2001, with the need to embody ManagePro's primary feature sets and solutions into a web-based product.

Rodney Brim, the managing partner, comes to this position from an extended history as first a psychologist, and then a senior management consultant to a wide range of firms in the area of change and project management, and leadership development. His clients included: Citicorp, Inc., Atlantic Richfield Co. Inc., Warner Bros, Inc., Blue Shield Blue Cross, Nokia-Mobura, Inc, Platinum Software and TRW - Information Systems

At PST we are excited about providing a software solution that significantly increases the effectiveness of individuals and teams in the management of projects, information and people. Please email us with any questions or comments and join us in changing the way people work.


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