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Affiliate Program

Please enter your affiliate ID and password to view your referred sales. If you would like to establish a new affiliate account, please review the program details and guidelines below.
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Performance Solutions Technology Affiliate Program Overview

Welcome to an overview of our program, and our invitation to you to join us in the rapidly expanding e-commerce business. Here are the basics of what we offer:

The Affiliate Program is a commission-based program offered to select participants that are complimentary to our business focus.

The program is capable of generating immediate income for you as a participant at no cost or obligation on your part.

You simply place a link to us on your site (we provide the code and instructions) and we pay you a referral commission for every sale that comes from your website (clicks through your website to ours via a link or banner).

We do all the account management, the order processing, billing, shipping, and collections.

Bottom line, by simply placing links on your site to our website, you get paid a commission fee when a referral converts to a sale, starting at a 20% commission for sales of new licenses, as displayed in the payoff chart below


20% Referral Commission Paid per unit of software sold

ManagePro Solo or MProWeb


ManagePro Team


Review Writer


Decide Right $21


Who We Are

Performance Solutions Technology, LLC develops and sells several business software tools. ManagePro, both a unique business/goal management tool, is our primary product. We also provide a number of ancillary products, information and resources to help people be successful at work. We have a complete e-commerce system, including merchant accounts, credit card verification, secure server and affiliate tracking software, and actively help our Affiliates in creating an income stream through their referrals.


Affiliateís Role

You simply link to us and get paid a commission fee for every product sold to one of your referrals.  Once approved as an affiliate (usually within 48 hours) your referral service can be online in a matter of hours.

You link to us by posting text links or banner links with your unique ID (which we provide to you) anywhere on your site you choose (we provide coaching on which locations generate the most referrals).  In the process, your website becomes even more of a resource and help to visitors.



Our Role

We take the orders on our website using our software and hardware.  We supply the product and related solution services to the customer.

We handle all customer questions and requests, including cancellations and returns. e package and ship everything.  We bill the customer.

We track your referralís sales, provide online review for you, and pay you the commission fees monthly if $100 or more, otherwise quarterly.

4 Steps to Get Started

1. Review the Program Specifics and Sign up:

You will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our program in our FAQ page, please click here to familiarize yourself with the program and payment schedule.

Click here to review and sign the operating agreement. 

After reviewing our operating agreement you can fill out a brief, online application form.

2. As soon as you receive email notification of our approval, and instructions on how to link to us, start displaying the link(s) to PST on your website.

When you apply to participate we send you an email response in return notifying you if you have been accepted.

If accepted, your email will include the proper format for linking to our site. You may have one link from your site to ours, or you may decide to have multiple links.

You will be assigned a unique ID that will follow all visitors from your site to ours for the purpose of crediting the commission on their purchases to you.

3. Decide how you want to incorporate Performance Solutions Technology (PST) into your website:

You might add a text link to PSTís ManagePro site from your main page (we will give you examples to use when you join).

If your site includes articles, reviews or interviews, you might prefer to simply write a review on our products and let people click on a link that will take them to the PST web pages.

You may wish to have graphic images of our products on your site, which will link them to PSTís front page. We will email you a site from which you can select images when you join.

4. Start earning referral fees:

Once your application has been approved, you'll automatically begin earning referral fee for sales generated by these links.

You'll receive monthly referral fee checks if the amount due is $100 or above, otherwise commissions are paid on a quarterly basis (we pay out within 15 days after the month ends).

Itís just that simple.
If you are interested,
click here
and letís get started with Step One!

Performance Solutions Technology, LLC

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International Fax:


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