MPro-Link - a software and consulting based solution

MPro-Link, PST?s web server resident middle-ware, is used to extend ManagePro from a team to an enterprise solution. Using Windows Server 2003 or 2000 with IIS 6.0 or 5.0, it connects distributed team members via the HTTP Internet Protocol to a centralized SQL database on the server using an optimized synchronization function. Within a local or distributed organization, it provides a linking and synchronization of data across multiple team databases to ensure coordination and alignment with the strategic plan. Now 10s even 100s of team databases can be synchronized with each other via the Web to immediately reflect progress and alignment with corporate objectives. MPro-Link is hosted by PST and provided to organizations on a yearly subscription basis.

MPro-Link 6.7 offers the benefits of synchronization via the web:
  • Enterprise level scalability is built upon the ability to employ multiple databases used by different teams, in the same location or dispersed around the world, syncing their content over the Web. Now each team can use their own database while still communicating with the entire organization.
  • Distributed team members can use the web to maintain an identical set of goal, action plans and updates while still accessing ManagePro on their local drive.
  • Matrix management organizations whose members work with different teams will find their individual goals, to-do list and calendar to be consistent across any of the databases into which they log
  • Synchronization of ManagePro data to a common SQL database on a web server provides for an exchange and coordination with user?s other enterprise level software tools
Configuration and Set-up Requirements:

Team database linkage ? average consultant time ranges from 2 ? 4 hours per team

  • Ensure correct installation on each users? PC

  • Ensure correct database and employee identification

  • Plan and configure each team database to determine what data is to remain local to the team versus sent out to identified parties in the organization through Mpro-Link

Mpro-Link White Papers

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Additional Documentation
You will need Adobe Reader

Server Hardware

  • 1 dedicated or lightly user server operating with Windows Server 2003 or 2000 and IIS activated

  • Pentium 2.4 GHz processor

  • 1.5 GB DDR ram memory

  • 512 Cache

  • 1 GB hard drive

  • MPro-Link software, hosted by PST, is offered as part of a yearly subscription to support MProWeb licenses at $450/MProWeb license/year, and/or ManagePro Team web-enablement at $330/Team license/year.
  • MPro-Link can be purchased for customer internal hosting for $25,000.
  • MPro-Bridge is available as an add-on to MPro-Link , and is priced at $5,000.
  • Technical consulting services - $120/hour phone & web based; $150/hour plus travel expenses when delivered on-site.
  • Contact Sales if interested in purchasing and hosting MPro-Link as a self-hosted application at your organization's site.

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