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Case Studies

Industry: Business Consulting; The Profit Advisors, Inc.

Work Environment:

We have been using ManagePro for five to six years. We are a consulting group that helps clients improve their profitability, using focused initiatives based upon our methodology and an active follow-up program. We use ManagePro to meet with project champions at each client site to make sure the projects are completed. We use a template that we developed in ManagePro that corresponds to our consulting process. Our experience is that successful follow-up is easily half of the process in generating results for our clients.

What are the three biggest benefits youíve experienced?

  1. Full featured with lots of functionality. It has all the things I need; places to record general meeting requirements, the ability to track multiple agendas across multiple clients, etc.
  2. I find it easy to use, but part of that is because I invested in attending a training class.
  3. I have the flexibility to customize it to my needs, and to adapt it to my methodology and my clientís needs.
What would you advise others using or deciding to use ManagePro?

"Donít try to do everything with it. Pick out a couple of features to use so you can get in the habit and discipline of using it. Without being consistent you wonít get the value from having the program. Secondly, get some training. It is a lot easier to learn and implement if you get some training and coaching."

What does the screen represent in terms of your usage of ManagePro?

This screen represents our consulting process.

Click on thumbnail image to see screen representation!

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