ManagePro Training Options 

Everyone benefits from training. There's always more you can learn in the pursuit of being more productive. You will want to take advantage of our training options to help you rapidly and successfully put ManagePro to work.

#1 Live Coaching/Training via the Web
We provide you with real-time coaching over the web. Use it to set up your own database and work flow, or to learn and apply the features set in ManagePro. We use Webex technology to make this available to anyone using ManagePro with access to a web browser. Live coaching via the web is charged at $120 per a 55 minute hour. Call us at today to set up an appointment for you at a time that is convenient to your schedule.

#2 On site Training
We also provide training at your facility site to get your user group quickly up-to-speed. This training is typically provided in a group or lab setting with up to 8 individuals, or on a one-to-one basis. On-site training is charged at a daily rate of $1,200 plus expenses. Call us at for more details and information.

#3 Prerecorded lessons delivered via a CD
We offer you the opportunity to select from a range of ten lessons targeted for the beginning user that are combined on one CD.  Click here and go to the bottom of the product list to view the lessons currently available on our shopping cart.

 #4 One day ManagePro Fundamentals and ManagePro Advanced Workshops
See details below for the contents of the courses and a link to reserve your seat at the next seminar date in Seal Beach California.  .

ManagePro Fundamentals - Seminar  July 27-28, 2005 (Wednesday 1:30 - 5 pm and Thursday 8:30am - 12 pm)

This 7 hour course is designed for beginner to intermediate level users who want to learn best practices for putting ManagePro to use as a professional tool.


1. Setting up your objectives in a ManagePro database using a “Goal –> Action Plan –> Results” format.

2. Configuring the Goal Planners to display the information you need to manage at your best, both at the team/organization level and the individual level.

3. Integrating with Outlook; using the new drag and drop feature to coordinate your e-mail with the appropriate objective and action step, and learning how to synchronize Outlook and ManagePro.

4. Using Progress Notes to stay on track and update the new “% Complete” field.

5. Understanding when to use sub-goal action steps and when to use to-dos to track follow-up details.

6. Using the Document Attachment feature and setting up your Web folder to share documents via the web.

7. Using the Timeline view to set up critical path and dependency relationships and manage basic resource allocation functions.

8. Using the Goal Status View to track your goal progress using both “Balance Scorecard” and “Risk Management” functions.

9. Using the Assistant View to display what’s critical to address, to-dos due today, events on your calendar this week and more.

10. Using the e-mail and printing options to automate all of your basic report requirements.

Cost: - $125.00    

Click here to order and reserve one or more seats at the seminar.
Participants must bring a laptop with an installed current copy of ManagePro

ManagePro Advanced - Seminar  July 28-29, 2005 (Thursday 1:30 - 5:30 pm and  Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm) 

This 12 hour course is designed for intermediate to senior level users who want to learn best practices for using ManagePro as a management tool with their team or organization.  This class is limited to 30 participants due to the extent of hands-on participation and review.  Seminar includes a copy of the Implementing ManagePro in Your Business manual for each participant.


1. Configuring your strategic plan in ManagePro while leveraging focus, visibility and tracking to maximize your team’s ability to execute the plan.

2.  Setting up project management within ManagePro.  Understanding the differences in managing a strategic plan versus a project plan, and how to use a goal-driven approach with both.

3. Improving coordination and performance by linking to data in other sources (ex. Excel and MS Project) and the specific use of Balance Scorecard technology within ManagePro.

4.  Improving focus, prioritization and decision quality using Resource Allocation and the suite of alert and monitor tools within ManagePro.

5. Improving individual and team follow-through and attention to detail, using the e-mail, documentation and relational to-do features within ManagePro to manage time, goals and deliverables.

6. Managing meetings using ManagePro, and improving both time management and accountability.

7. Web-enabling ManagePro using Mpro-Link, how it works and how to make it pay off.

Cost: - $195.00    

Click here to order and reserve one or more seats at the seminar
Requirements: Participants must bring a laptop with an installed current copy of ManagePro.


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