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"ReviewWriter is a slick package easy to get started on and easy to use." - HR Magazine
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Stop spending time on Annual Reviews!

Study after study finds that most annual reviews are:

  • Ineffective,
  • Too general,
  • Not tied into improvement suggestions, and
  • Time consumers - an average of 3 hours per review.

Turn your employee appraisal process around and start using ReviewWriterTm today!

  • Tie reviews directly into goals, projects and outcomes tracked all year.
  • Do reviews quarterly not annually.
  • Collect and record your direct report's successes.
  • Focus on rating demonstration of competencies.
  • Automate the process to improve consistency and reduce management time.

One license per manager, but unlimited number of employee reviews, year after year!

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Here's how the software works:

  • Choose an existing ReviewWriterTm competency form or build your own performance review form by selecting from a list of performance factors and/or add your own.
  • A Quick Build wizard walks you through rating the employee's performance against the form's competency list.
  • ReviewWriterTm notes your scoring and writes the suggested appraisal text, which you are free to edit or add to with examples, observations and accomplishments.
  • Your review is checked for legal language errors, quality and completeness.  It's ready to print and you're done!
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