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Industry:   Food Services

Work Environment:

I have personally used it for about a year in our finance department. My main responsibilities are managing a number of projects' budgets and two direct reports.


  1. Allows me to stay organized while standardizing my project management and work flow process.
  2. Ability to track projects and easily generate status reports for both upper management and customers.
  3. Improved communication to customers. Customers request a lot of information and now there is a report for every request that exists in-house in relation to its relative priority. ManagePro helps people understand their requests in the flow of existing demands. They appreciate it when we print them a status and progress report each week.

Advice to Others:

  1. You have to force yourself to use it. It is a learned tool. You have to be committed to use it. It takes some time and effort to make sure it reflects your daily work environment. It is not a natural behavior. You have to prioritize it as a value. Don't just move from one task to the next, but actually come back and update the system. Sure it takes time, but the extra fifteen minutes it takes to update saves you so much time in the future by creating both a paper trail and a thought or decision logic trail.
  2. Force people to use it by requiring reports. Require them to report each week on what they are doing by using the reports in ManagePro as the communication vehicle. Running our staff meetings off of MPro makes people want to update it so that they can get credit for all they are working on.
  3. If I let it start taking second place to my other work I get a feeling things are getting out of control. I know that when I tell myself that "I can't afford to put stuff into ManagePro," that is the beginning of the end.

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