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Case Studies

Industry: Health Care (Breech Regional Medical Center)

Work Environment:

It is a business management tool at the top level. We have a main database for the president multi-linked to four additional databases (one for each director’s team).


  1. The ability to establish focus by creating a system for tracking progress on goals.
  2. The functionality of the calendar and the to-do list is very helpful and something we use daily.
  3. The ability to track and respond to a complex project, with associated follow-ups and documentation is key. An example is responding to JCAH accreditation process.
  4. We get better follow-up using it in meetings … just keeps people better focused.
Advice to Others:

"Most businesses are confronted with more and more demands. Having a tool that can keep us on track is the key. We can all speak the same language, keep appraised of each other’s progress and know immediately where we are going with a given plan… otherwise you just take care of problems, continue to fire-fight, and never work on a long term fix."

Sample Screen Shot:
This screen depicts our work process in responding to a JCAH accreditation.

Click on thumbnail image to see screen representation!

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