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Case Studies

Industry: Construction and Rental of Heavy Equipment – Ware Energy, Inc.

How long have you been using ManagePro and in what type of environment?

I have been using it between three and four years. The more people I manage, the more invaluable it is to me. Currently, I have 10 direct reports, each with a different functional area and different goals. I also head up a process improvement team.

What are the three biggest benefits you’ve experienced?

1. The biggest benefit is goal tracking, to be sure everyone is on track..

2. The help it gives me in terms of feedback and online resources to proactively manage individuals and teams.

3. I can have my team members key in progress notes and report on their goals. This frees up my time, gives me great visibility, plus keeps them focused on their goals.

What would you advise others using or deciding to use ManagePro?

"Be sure they understand the goal structure. I didn’t read the instructions and started out using the program at the detail level and just created more lists. It works much better if you start by laying out your work goals and then proceeding from there."

What does the screen represent in terms of your usage of ManagePro?

"The layout of our goal structure."

Click on thumbnail image to see screen representation!

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