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Case Studies

Industry: Land Development, National Firm

Work Environment:

We have been using ManagePro for the last five years in a 15 person office covering multiple large projects simultaneously across multiple states.


  1. To have better control of hand-offs in task execution and responsibility and, in general, better manage individual responsibility within a team environment.
  2. Personal comfort with having all the data in one place, instead of walking around with it in multiple formats; e.g. folders, phone messages, post-it notes, planners, notepads and memory.
  3. It gives you an excellent view of multiple projects and their issues. You can see forward in terms of what needs to be done in 30, 60 and 90 days, and also easily translate that into action items due today.
Advise to Others:

"Start with training and don’t assume that your staff is going to pick it up and use it just because you’ve purchased it. Secondly, you need to focus on and communicate a real strong ‘why’ for using it. Finally, you need to clearly set out your goals and strategies, otherwise it just becomes one more long list of action items."

Sample Screen Shot:

This depicts our typical layout of a project. It’s our basic screen to work from on a project by project level.

Click on thumbnail image to see screen representation!

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