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Case Studies

Industry:   Military; Navy Fleet Supply Center

Work Environment:

Network administration and Information Technology Support. Use ManagePro to coordinate people, projects and track completion of the strategic plan. Have been using ManagePro for seven years within a multiple database configuration that multi-links up to 400 users.


  1. Monitoring and tracking strategic planning initiatives; as it is both a productivity enhancer and an on-going snapshot of the big picture.
  2. We use it to manage and monitor the network services division. It allows us to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks, especially using the status board and calendars.
  3. It allows us to track all personnel records for appraisals and year -end reviews.
Advice to Others:

"Plan for the implementation and get buy-in before starting to use the software across a team. You won’t have a successful software roll-out across a team or department(s) unless you have active support and buy-in from upper management…. And remember, the number of uses for ManagePro is only limited by your creativity."

Sample Screen Shot:

This screen depicts our work process using one of the planning initiatives from both a list and graphical representation.

Click on thumbnail image to see screen representation!

ManagePro Screen

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