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Case Studies

Industry: Telecommunications; Air Touch

Work Environment:

I have been using ManagePro for the past five years to manage groups and departments of up to 17 people.


  1. It keeps details from slipping through the cracks on all the projects that various employees are working.
  2. The calendar really helps follow-up as it creates ongoing visibility on the status of each person’s to-dos and projects. Being successful at follow-up is a function of having a good system and this program has excellent tracking ability for just that… and being successful at follow-up is what good management is all about.
  3. The benefit on performance and accountability that comes from the ability to track objectives for each person and enter progress and feedback notes on their performance throughout the year.
Advice to Others:

"Be prepared for a learning curve, ManagePro is easy to use but you need to invest the time to learn it. Secondly, realize that ManagePro requires discipline to use effectively. It helps you with the discipline, but ultimately it requires that you work in a manner where you define your objectives and regularly follow-up on their progress."

Sample Screen Shot:

Calendar, I keep it as my screen saver, and performance review.

Click on thumbnail image to see screen representation!

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