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Collaboration software - making life easier or raising the performance bar

If you've been looking for collaboration software, you're probably aware it comes in a variety of forms:

  • Groupware or teamware
  • Task management
  • Project management 
  • Productivity software or
  • Workforce management
  • Teleconferencing
  • Web meetings
  • Instant Messaging
Regardless of the form of the collaboration software, we've learned that people (based upon our work with organizations all over the world) approach the use of collaboration software with one of two goals:

    1) To make work life easier
    2) To create a performance improvement

If you are searching for a solution that will enable sharing of to-do lists, calendars and documents, you're probably in the  "make it easier" camp.  

Our experience suggests that if you are deploying collaboration software to make life easier, you'll find that the solution will ultimately be much more widely adopted by your group if you push it beyond just sharing to-do lists, calendars and documents!  Successful deployment of collaboration software requires generating a performance improvement that is applicable to multiple layers of the organization - improvements that makes things better, that create value for you and your team.  That will help you share the leverage that comes from being in the "improve performance" camp.   We've designed a series of steps to help you choosing the right software on the right.  But first, we would like to share a secret about collaboration software we see over and over again:

Collaboration Secret #1  

Collaboration software creates the most value when it:

Helps management solve the key problem of  "Follow-up on the follow-through"...
to what's been assigned via a set of shared goals, tasks, plan, values and/or mission.


Bet you’re finding the process of finding the right software a time consuming challenge

Straight talk to managers shopping for project & performance management software - 7 key steps to selecting the right software.


*     Start with what you know, then...

*    Honor the 80-20 rule and ...

*    The software must solve the BIG 3

*     After the facts, you must resolve 2 fears

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ManagePro & MProWeb use four high performance coordination and collaboration fundamentals to boost individual, team and organizational performance:

  1. Transform work from a fulfilling a role and respond to the latest crisis, to a “Plan your work and Work the plan” discipline.  Everything at work is structured around a simple but powerful process and discipline of:
  • Identify and keep in focus the objectives of your Goals and Roles
  • Build and work a visible Action Plan to achieve those objectives
  • Regularly document Results.
  1. Leverage information, agility and effectiveness of people by using a
    “One input- multiple use output” documenting process.  Re-use information
    in the software for progress updates, to-dos, result tracking, reporting
    and performance reviews.
  1. Track and organize all information in a central management solution
    that is cross referenced against existing goals and action plans.   Details
    do not slip through the cracks, and meetings become both shorter and
    more efficient.


  1. Follow-up and follow-through are both improved using the visibility and drill-down capability.  Color coded scorecards track the execution of all objectives, results tracking, the presence of plans and checklists and their status.  The result - clearer, more accurate feedback from top to bottom in  “One Place where it all comes together!”

There's a lot more to address about collaboration software - and about what works and what doesn't.  We invite you to click on the options below to evaluate PST's products and consulting services as a fit for your needs. 

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