Simple, yet comprehensive Decision Making
Sometimes the hardest part of making a good decision is keeping in mind all the variable and resulting implications...
In fact many times we can't.  That's why DecideRight is such a timely resource.
Decide Right $110


Let DecideRight analyze:

  • All the options,
  • All the pro's and cons,
  • All the relative weightings of each alternative

...then generate an impartial decision with a graphical
back-up report to validate its findings

Whatever multi-option decision or complex problem you are faced with:

  • Whether it's a strategic plan you are analyzing,
  • New product development choice
  • Or seeking to reach consensus in the midst of conflict over direction within a team...

DecideRight makes the decision process easier and more complete.

One of the really great things about this program's functionality is that it is EASY TO USE!

  • That means you understand how to use it in minutes...The very first time through.
  • It's easy means you quickly use the program's features for your time and benefit, versus spending your time trying to get a benefit.
  • Quickly use the "What if?" Scenario Manager to test outcomes and drive consensus.

Winner of the Software Publishers Association's CODE Award for
"Best Numeric or Data Business Software Program."
Windows XP compatible

Priced at $110.00 Buy Now

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