The power of the focus & follow-through
Combined with the ease and immediacy of the Web!
"MProWeb provides an easy-to-use discipline for day-to-day performance excellence..."
Individual Annual License Subscription $450


      MProWeb is the web-based software for people who have to get it right and on time.  Period.  It supports the entire team, wherever they are located, in staying on track and following-through more effectively.    This browser based tool combines collaboration and performance management features into one solution that can be configured to provide the following common web-based solutions:

  • performance management
  • goal-based business management
  • task management
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • collaboration
  • project management


MProWeb drives Focus, Results and Accountability

  • It's easy to use - The average user can learn how to use the program in 2- 3 hours; putting it into use the very first day.  Everyone benefits from being able to track what's important, what's done and what's next.
  • Visibility and drill down that's just a click away - Objectives, to-dos and events are sorted according to both the direct report they are assigned to and the overall work objective or project they address - details just can't slip through the cracks.
  • It's scalable from a single team to the entire enterprise - Using an MS SQL database assures plenty of room to support growth.  And here's the best news, being browser based, it's easy and cost efficient for your IT department to implement and maintain.
  • Access it anywhere, but the focus is always on results and performance - Goals and priorities are incorporated right into the daily calendar, to offset the tendency to fight fires and miss moving priorities ahead. 
  • Low cost, but very large benefits for people who are sick and tired of:
    • Missed deadlines despite hours of meetings,
    • No feedback until it's too late,
    • Mountains of e-mail, but people don't seem to have time to work your priorities,
    • Wasting time tracking down critical information,
    • Sitting through long status update meetings and power point presentations,
    • Having to tell boss, your customer, that you aren't going to be making that next deadline. 

    If this is you - keep reading, we've got a solution.

How does MProWeb fit as a solution for our existing customers? 

MProWeb includes most of the powerful management tools embedded in our flagship product, ManagePro, harnessing them into the simplicity of a GAPR worksheet and calendar tool for planning and execution, all while synchronizing with MS Outlook. *GAPR stands for goals, action plans and results.
  1. It functions as a stand-alone product for those users who want an entirely web-based collaboration and performance management product.
  2. It provides a easy-to-use extension of ManagePro functionality for each direct report in an organization (with the executives and managers using ManagePro on their PCs for it's additional drill-down and management capabilities).
  3. It provides the perfect tool for coordinating with alliance partners, contractors, vendors and board members via the management of assigned objectives or commitments and the performance management scorecard features.
  4. It provides an immediate platform for consultants to enhance their ability to view and impact client focus and follow through on deliverables.

[Click here] for more information about comparative features between MProWeb and ManagePro.

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Technical Brief Synopsis

MProWeb is written in ASP.Net and operates in a Windows Internet Explorer environment, supported by a Microsoft SQL database operating on a Windows 2000 or 2003 web server.  Licensing is conducted on an annual subscription basis, starting at $450/user.  Hosting is provided by Performance Solutions Technology, or alternatively it is self hosted by the purchasing organization.  Organizations hosting the application internally can do so as an Intranet or Internet based solution.

Speed is always a challenge for robust browser based tools.  Hosting the application internally provides the fastest response times, however users everywhere can use the following system configuration tips to optimize their speed and productivity in using MProWeb.

  • Clear existing temporary internet files.  Check browser Tools/Internet Options/Temporary Internet Settings/Delete Temporary Files (prior to the first time MProWeb is launched)
  • Set browser Tools/Internet Options/Temporary Internet Settings/Settings/Temporary Internet File Folder set to a minimum of 1200MB
  • Set browser Tools/Internet Options/Temporary Internet Settings/Settings Advanced Options to "Automatically" check for newer versions of stored pages
  • Make sure you are accessing with Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • Minimum CPU speed of 1.6 gHz and 512 Mg of RAM 
  • Very Important  - Go to Internet Explorer, Tools Menu, Internet Options, Internet Security tab, click Trusted Sites graphic, then Sites button, then add the following link to the "Add this website to the zone" box - and then click the Add button and then OK to exit.


Next Steps:

(e.g. "How do I find out if this tool is what I need without getting hounded by sales people?")

Click here to view a quick tour of MProWeb

Click here to sign up for an account to demo MProWeb

Contact us.  Call Patti Brim at and tell her you're interested in an evaluation of what this tool does versus what you need.  She's worked with companies around the world, has clout within our organization, and knows very well at this level people don't want to be sold - they want to make a choice.



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