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At Last!  A software solution for anyone who manages projects and people

Whether you're in IT, Marketing, Engineering or over-seeing it all,
you will find our solutions easy to learn, easy to set up, easy to use and very comprehensive.

Let me give you some examples:

  1. Need to put in tasks and projects without dates, because you aren't certain when they will start?  - No Problem
  2. Want the flexibility to manage visibility and tracking on hundreds of small and medium sized projects that pop-up, while still having the tools to direct a large project?  - No Problem
  3. Need a tool you can teach people in a few hours, not a few days? - No Problem
  4. Want a web-based setup  that doesn't require additional software and server setup? - No Problem

If you're in a position where it has to get done, and done right by a certain date, this solution is targeted for you.  Providing both desktop and web-based project management software (that talk to each other), ManagePro and MProWeb flexibly handle a wide array of projects, with an emphasis that balances ease of use, while still providing core management tools such as:

  • Gantt charts
  • Resource allocation
  • Calculated fields
  • Color coded Work Breakdown structure
  • Scorecards
  • Integration with MS Excel, Project and MS SQL












PC Magazine described it as
Project Management for the Rest of Us    
PC Magazine


Link project management to your everyday business process

Working through people to plan and achieve projects, PST's project management software tools create an easy link between strategic planning and daily operations. At the core of ManagePro and MProWeb project management software system is a process of:

  1. Planning, investigating and building a goal - action plan sequence to reach objectives
  2. Working the plan in a head's up manner that balances resources and priority every day
  3. Tracking/documenting/measuring results.

But don't take our word for it, let us share a professional project manager and reviewer's observations:

"First as a project manager, and most recently as a project management consultant, I have often recognized the limitations of traditional project management software in some project environments. Project management software packages are designed to plan and schedule a series of activities required to be accomplished in some relatively fixed order in relation to each other. They focus on determining the critical path and the shortest path through the project, which allows all of the activities to be completed. They are generally powerful, often necessary allies when confronted with a large project involving perhaps several hundreds or even thousands of activities which draw on a large number of often interrelated and limited pools of resources to accomplish the tasks. The class of software termed "project management software" is, in reality, project scheduling software which uses often complicated mathematical algorithms to redistribute resources and rearrange activities in order to make the most effective and efficient use of a limited set of resources to complete a project within a specified time and budget.

However, there are huge numbers of projects which fall into a different category. This category includes small, low budget or short-duration projects which are neither mission critical nor high risk. The majority of these projects do not have the budget, management resources or time to enter data into or use a full blown project management system. These projects may not involve interdependent activities or interrelated resources. They do, however, need management attention to stay on schedule and within budget while delivering the required scope and quality.

In fact, the majority of project environments are made up of relatively small projects involving fewer than 20 individual (usually human) resources. They typically have a duration of less than six months (one year at the most) and a total budget of $20,000 to $1 million each. They are not high risk, mission critical or in a key result area of the organization's strategic plan. These small projects are often discontinuous and involve several points in time where all work must cease while something is reviewed, money is raised or approved for release to the budget, or another entity develops some piece of the project required before the remainder of the work can continue. The environment which I will call "small project" is also normally one where many small projects are being done at the same time. Often, some of the projects are on hold, but they still require monitoring and management at some level.

This is an environment where ManagePro excels..."

David McClure, OR/MS Today


There's a lot more to address about how our  project management software can work for you.  Things like:
  • Follow-up and follow-through are both improved using the visibility and drill-down capability. 
  • Color coded scorecards track the execution of all objectives, results tracking, the presence of plans and checklists and their status. 
  • Everything is available within a couple of clicks, including the requirements and issues relevant to each project,
  • Improved decision making, clearer results and more accurate feedback from top to bottom in  “One Place where it all comes together!”

At this point you'll be wanting to take a tour of the products or download and work with it yourself to evaluate PST's products and consulting services as a fit for your needs..  We've structured that below in the Next Step options. invite you to click on the options below to 


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