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October Newsletter

(Vol. 1, No. 1)
Implementing ManagePro in Your Workgroup

In this Issue:

Success Starts with Responding to the WHY Questions

Before you begin defining What the ManagePro tool is, or How it is to be used, or even Who is going to use it, start by building a compelling case for utilization with your work group. Build it by addressing the Why questions. Below are just a few you might consider having your workgroup discuss: ManagePro Training
  1. Why use new project management tools... now?
  2. Why can making even a simple tool like ManagePro work be difficult?
  3. Why do tools work in one organization and not another*?
  4. Why are people reluctant to use tools?
Here are some points to consider in assisting your discussion:

1. Why use new project management tools... now?

  • to improve organization, data visibility, continuity, focus.
  • to reduce stress, reliance upon memory, negative surprises as in missed commitments.
  • to support collaboration and coordination.

2. Why can it be difficult to make even simple tools work?

  • even simple tools involve change, which two-third's of staff naturally resist.
  • there is a learning curve which requires individual and group commitment and discipline.
  • haphazard utilization across the team renders any tool unproductive over time.
3. Why do tools work in one organization and not another?
  • group history with both change and tools can strongly influence cultural attitudes towards accepting new tools.
  • "Not Invented Here" syndrome results in resistance.
  • lack of modeling from the senior staff or champion creates a lack of buy-in from the rest of the team.
  • lack of recognition and resources to support use.
4. Why are people reluctant to use tools?
  • perception that they have no benefit.
  • anxieties over negative side effects, disruption, extra work.
  • conflict over the methods chosen or the revelation of the results.
  • tools are perceived as poorly suited for the project environment and poorly linked to existing processes.

Dealing with the Why questions up front with your group goes a long way towards generating buy-in and reducing barriers to implementation. At their best Why questions not only surface and reduce resistance, they also identify the needs to be solved 13Y using a tool such as ManagePro.

Next Page Successful implementation of a tool such as ManagePro, means clearly identifying how it is going to be a solution to specific needs. It means identifying needs before presenting a solution. It means identifying barriers in both practice and perception, and actively removing them. Successful implementation means starting with the Why questions before moving to the familiar What, When, How and Who questions.

Great "WHAT" questions to use in tandem with the "WHY" questions.

"What are the critical success factors?
What do you need and want to do your job?
What do we do well, and how good are we.... and what do we struggle with?"

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